Antec True Power Quattro 1000 PSU
Posted on: 02.06.2008 01:00:00

Opening the box the first thing we find is the manual. Having a quick flick through it, it seems to be a basic installation manual no tech specs or similar, which is fine as your typical user probably just wants to know how to fit it.

The first thing out of the box is a bag of cables. Removing the contents of the bag we find

2x pci express cables clearly labelled though at this precise moment I’m not sure which end goes into the pc as both ends are fitted with 6 way connectors, one of which is red the other clearly labelled as pcie, I presume it's the red one as that is the color at the PSU end

3x Molex cables, 2 as pictured with a floppy power connector attached and one without, totalling 9 Molex power connectors, more than enough for anyone I would imagine.

3x sata power cables, 2 of which contain 3 power connectors as pictured and one with 2 power connectors, again an impressive amount of power connectors that should satisfy most users needs.

Next we have the mains lead.

And finally, before moving onto the psu its self, the fixing screws. Ok onto the main feature.

The psu comes in a polythene bag so it should be nice and clean, free from dust etc.

Taking the psu out of the bag we get our first look at it in the flesh, so to speak, and I have to say it looks very nice with its matt black finish and “racing stripes” and with the big 1000 across it there’s no mistaking what its power output is. There is a large grill at the cable end and 2 smaller grills on the top and side of the psu to allow cool air into the psu, I assume the smaller openings are to aid in cooling potential hot spots. I was a little surprised to find that the psu comes hard wired with the 6+2 way pci express connectors, you will see what I mean by 6+2 way later, I was expecting the motherboard connectors hard wired but nothing else.

The connectors on the psu are clearly marked and underneath them you can see how the 12v rails are divided up. I am glad to see the 2 pci express power connectors get a 12v rail each, I wonder if the “non modular” pci express cables are connected to the same point as these?? I assume 12v1 is for the motherboard.

Moving around the back of the psu we see the fan, one of Antec’s own, naturally.

The “mandatory” specs sticker is attached to one side of the psu.

The attached cables have a feature I gave never seen before. The 20+4 motherboard cable and the 6+2 way pci express power cable have the +4 and +2 parts of the cable physically attached via a sliver of plastic to form a hinge, now I don’t know if this intentional but I fairly certain you will have to physically separate them if they aren’t needed, time will tell when I come to connect it up.

The other cables are as per normal, apart from the 2 pin adaptors on the hardwired pcie connectors which turn them too 8 pin pcie 2 connectors

8 way motherboard power connector.

4 way motherboard power connector.

I have never seen a motherboard that requires BOTH a 4 way and an 8 way power connector so I am a little surprised to see both on the psu, I could be wrong though.
Ok lets see how the Antec True Power Quattro 1000 psu performs in the real world.

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