Antec True Power Quattro 1000 PSU
Posted on: 02.06.2008 01:00:00

Specifications of the Antec True Power Quattro 1000 are as follows, taken from Antec’s website.

• Universal Input, automatically adjusts for 100V to 240V power grids
• Designed to meet the 80Plus® Certification
• Active Power Factor Correction (PFC) helps reduce electrical waste
• Supports EPS12V v2.91 and ATX12V systems
• Four 12V output circuits provide supreme system stability
• Accurate power rating allows TruePower Quattro to deliver its full rated power (24 hours a day rated at 50ºC)
• Up to 85% efficient
• 80mm low noise cooling fan
• Heavy duty protection circuitry prevents damage resulting from short circuits (SCP), over voltages (OVP), under voltages (UVP), and over current (OCP)
• 2 x 8-pin PCI-E connectors and 2 x 6-pin connectors for PCI-Express graphics cards
• MTBF: 100,000 hours
• Safety approvals: UL, CUL, FCC, TÜV, CE, C-tick, CCC, CB
• Gold plated connectors for superior conductivity

AQ5 -Antec Quality five-year parts and labour warranty

I have to say I am a little surprised with the info on Antec’s website under the specs for the Antec True Power Quattro 1000. The thing missing that I expected to find is the power ratings for each power rail, which for a power supply of this rated power I would have thought was the first thing a potential customer would be looking up.

Moving on everything else seems there its good to see all the inbuilt protection though on a psu of this class I would expect to see them there. Gold plated connectors is a bonus, any resistance between connections leads to heat and voltage drops so every little bit to reduce this is good. Its future proof too having 8 way pci express included connectors, which is good, investing in this type of psu I expect you will be keeping it a while. To top it off is a nice 5-year warranty

I assume it “only” has a an 80mm fan due to space restrictions, I hope it is quiet as smaller fans generally need to spin faster to move reasonable amounts of air, therefore tend to be noisier.

Let’s have a look in the box.

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