Antec Internal illuminate Blue and UV versions+UV fan
Posted on: 25.08.2004 01:00:00



     Internal illuminate Blue and UV versions

                  +UV fan


Part 1 – The components



Today I received a sample of Antec’s Internal Illuminate, Antec were kind enough to send me both versions Blue and UV also to help test the UV on they also sent a fan so let’s start off with looking at the Packaging first.



As you can see the packaging is very secure so there shouldn’t be any damage on the product. I will show you the contents of just one of these packages as both are identical apart from the color, so let’s get the package open and see what’s inside.




Color: Blue / UV

Cable Length: 59" + 15.7" / 150 cm + 39,9 cm

Tube Measurements: 6.5" x 0.7" x 0.7" / 16,6 cm x 1,7 cm x 1,8 cm

Power Consumption: 0.75 Watts

Current: 150mA ±5mA

Input Voltage: DC5V

Average Life: 50,000


Six LED lights pulsate to the rhythm of your music or games.

Mount and aim these compact tubes almost anywhere, using adhesive pads (included)

Adjustable external controller lets you trigger lights with sounds from outside your case.

Durable LEDs deliver brilliant light while running extremely cool. The UVLEDs also add

a cool glow to your UV components.

Designed without inverters for safer, low-voltage power consumption

Powered by your standard PC power supply

let’s take a closer look at the components and explain what they do as well as there function




On the left is the LED light of course embedded with the Antec logo, again we all know I like this and think its better than a tacky sticker. The right is the control device this sits externally and gives full control other the light with on/off/flashing and sound reactive settings. Also on the top of this in the picture is a circular type control, this acts like a volume knob and enables you to adjust the sensitivity of the light to music. It is also the receiver for the sound and being the external part of this setup enables you to put it on a speaker, nice.



Left is the pci plate this also has a switch as well as the socket to plug the control unit in. The switch gives you the option of on/off/control unit the first 2 override the sound/sensor control, and of course we have the lights sticky pads.


Example of kit connected

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