akasa infinti ZOR (BKINF-02) Gamer Case
Posted on: 30.04.2009 01:00:00

The Akasa infiniti zor is a very good case but I have one or two niggles. During the build I noticed the motherboard tray appeared to be removable, which I thought was a little odd as this wasnít mentioned in the specs, it is screwed in and seemed to slide out. Not in the conventional method like others i.e. it doesnít slide out the back it is unscrewed from the inside and slides sideways towards the front of the case about 20mm or so and sort of lifts out. I didnít mention it in the main review even though I did manage to get it out as it took quite some doing and was very fiddly. I assumed it would require even more struggling to get back in, as it would be fully loaded with a motherboard and large heatsink.

So I put it back without the motherboard on, as I didnít want to risk damaging anything. After refitting it I treated it as per any other case without a removable motherboard tray and it was a whole lot more pleasurable from that point on, its not a small case so you will have no trouble installing all your hardware in it with the motherboard tray still inside there.

As it turns out after contacting Caterina, our contact at Akasa, regarding this issue it turns out the motherboard tray isnít designed to be removed which would explain why it was a bit awkward to get out, I think rivets might be a better method of fixing it in instead of screws then as the screws kind of suggest otherwise

The other thing I have an issue with is the fact you have to completely remove the front of the case to clean the filters, ok you probably only need to do it every so often but even so I have had a few cases with filters on and I donít recall ever having to remove the whole front of the case to get to them.

Issues aside it was a pleasant build no major incidents, once I decided the motherboard tray wasnít removable. Itís a very sturdy case to rattles or vibrations anywhere, itís big enough for all but the largest of water cooling builds, you might be able to get a triple radiator in there with some modifications. The fans are very quiet and there certainly isnít any vibrations coming through the case. The styling is understated yet very nice, in my opinion, a bit of colour and silver highlights without being too in your face, very nice.

If you are after a large case with understated looks then look no further the Akasa infiniti zor is just what you need.



Reality Check: I give the Akasa infiniti zor a RECOMMENDED award, a very nice case in every way. Even if it does have a silly name ;~).

Reviewed by Mac

Many thanks to Akasa for supplying the infiniti zor for review

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