akasa infinti ZOR (BKINF-02) Gamer Case
Posted on: 30.04.2009 01:00:00

Ok onto the inside of the Akasa infiniti zor. The first thing I noticed was the amount of fixing points for the motherboard, I doubt thereís a motherboard out there that wonít fit in here. The cables from the fans and I/O panel are neatly and safely secured, as is a smaller box, which I assume holds the fixings etc, Iíll come back to that later.

With 6 locations in total, split into two lots of 3, there should be plenty of room for hard drives for most people. You can just make out the fan behind the top drive cage and there is a second behind the lower one too.

Above the hard drive cages are the 5ľĒ bays, 5 in total, the Akasa infiniti zor ships with the I/O panel and a panel with a 3ĹĒ converter fitted in the top 2 slots.

The rear of the case is a pretty standard layout with the 120mm fan and the pci plates. The only vaguely non-standard fitting, though not uncommon on higher end cases these days, is the inclusion of the afore mentioned grommets for passing a water-cooling loop in and out of the case.

The top of the rear of the case is the psu mounting point, as I mentioned before this is a little unusual in that you can reverse the orientation of the psu by completely removing the mounting plate and turning it upside down.

The cables in the Akasa infiniti zor are very generous in their length and are clearly labelled so there should be no problems with routing or fitting.

Even the E-sata cable is embossed, in case you didnít know what it was.

The infiniti zor also has a speaker tucked away in the front of the case, which is somewhat unusual these days, well itís been a while since I had a case with one built in anyway.

Thatís about it for the case so remember that little box? Well opening that and I found a plethora of fixings for the drives and buried under those a couple of small bags of screws.

One was a bag of normal fixings and the second for screwing a couple of extra fans into the top of the Infiniti zor.

During the exploration of the interior of the case I noticed a small bag tucked into the folds of the non windowed side panel, when I checked it out it was a ďmapĒ of the motherboard tray and what fixing points were for what motherboard and installation instructions.

Very handy for later, but they could have put them somewhere more obvious as they might be missed tucked away there as really you probably donít need to take off the non windowed side panel?

I think thatís about it for the tour, time to get a system built in there.

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