akasa infinti ZOR (BKINF-02) Gamer Case
Posted on: 30.04.2009 01:00:00

Opening the box we see that the Akasa infiniti zor is very well protected by a significant amount of packaging at the top and bottom of the case and it is kept nice and clean by a plastic bag.

Removing it from the box and bag we get our first proper look at it, and very nice it looks too. As you can see the front is basically one large mesh save for the panel with the power button on it. The bright silver Akasa and infiniti logos as well as the power button stand out nicely against the black chassis.

Pressing the infinity logo opens the door, which gives the user access to the I/O panel.

Moving around to the left side of the Akasa Infiniti zor you can see the majority of the side panel is taken up by the window. The window is probably about the same size as, maybe a little larger than, an ATX motherboard and positioned such that the fitted motherboard will be about all you can see.

Something I almost missed was the fact the Akasa infiniti zorís feet rotate out to give it a lot more stability, a simple yet nice feature a lot of cases do not have.

Moving around to the rear everything looks pretty normal for a highish end case, side panels fitted with thumbscrews, grommets in the holes for the water-cooling and a 120mm fan. However one thing to point out is the power supply mounting. It is actually a removable panel, which allows fitting the psu either way up by simply turning it around, a simple solution rather than drilling several sets of mounting holes.

The final thing of note is on the top of the Akasa infiniti zor and this is the mounting for either two 120mm fans or a dual 120mm radiator (and fans) and should aid cooling nicely. The other side panel is just a plain black panel with nothing of note on it.

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