Akasa Evo Blue (AK-922) universal CPU cooler
Posted on: 27.10.2006 01:00:00

For this review I will be looking at a new product from Akasa, the Akasa Evo Blue, which is a new CPU cooler from, as the name would suggest the Evo range of heat pipe coolers. Being an Akasa cooler and an Evo cooler at that I have pretty high hopes for the Evo Blue but before we take a look at it here’s some background info on Akasa.

The Akasa Group was founded in 1997 with a management team that are all experienced in Electronic and Electro-mechanical product development. Currently Akasa have offices in London, Taipei, Rotterdam and Sao Paulo, Brazil and the Akasa brand was launched in 2000; the name coming from a Sanskrit word meaning; atmosphere, space and the ether.

Akasa's famous blue and yellow style is instantly recognisable and the slogan “cool it with colour” was introduced in 2002 and is now inextricably linked to Akasa products. The Akasa cooler component range includes just about any type of cooling you could need from CPU coolers, case fans, low profile heatsinks and high efficiency coolers for the specialist market. The Akasa product range also includes the modding components such as thermal efficient Case, Paxpower Ultra Quiet PSU's, stylish Integral and colourful connection cables and lights. These components are often to be found in award winning PCs. Akasa’s client list includes many well-known names and major OEM system developers and board manufacturers throughout the world.

Ok let’s take a look at that Akasa Evo Blue.

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