akasa 1000w PowerMax PSU<
Posted on: 03.06.2008 01:00:00

Emptying out the contents of the box we have, the PSU itself, screws, Manual, cable wraps and of course not pictured here the Power cable for your region. Everything is in perfect condition with no sign of damage.

The PSU itself is finished in a mat black and basically looks like most other large fan PSU's.

Flipping the PSU over you may well notice the fan looks slightly larger on this PSU and you would be right, the 1000w PowerMax is fitted with a larger 135mm fan rather than a 120mm, this for me is a bonus, as I am currently using a 1000w with a 120mm and that is the loudest component in my system. So I hope as well as solid rails this quietens up my test rig.

As usual on the side of the PSU we have specs listed and kite marks, the label also claims 1100w peak, which I could believe possible as the Paxpower we reviewed a few years ago handled more than it should of . .

The rear of the PowerMax is what you would expect from a large fanned PSU with a honeycomb vent style, the PowerMax also has an LED to indicate the systems current state. Red for off and green for on it really is as simple as that. On to the connectors!


What I like about the Akasa is there use of black connectors, they have been doing this since the Paxpower and it means easy to use connectors as with all their PSU’s and its good to see the easy grip Molex is still in use.

Taking a closer look at the PCI-E connector we can see that the 8 pin connector doubles up as a 6pin by splitting off the extra 2. For me I think Akasa could have gone one step further and had these on all the PCI-E connectors, just for a bit of future proofing. You never know do you? It's not really a complaint though as I have yet to see a PSU with all 4 cables in this sort of 8 pin style. Anyway enough on the layout, let us get this puppy installed in the test rig shall we?

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