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Posted on: 03.06.2008 01:00:00

(Quote Taken from Akasa’s website)

“The Akasa Group of companies was founded in 1997 with offices in Taipei and London."

The Akasa brand was launched in 2000; the name comes from a Sanskrit word meaning; atmosphere, space and the ether. Our Akasa brand image has been developed by a leading UK based design house that understands the value of presentation, product packaging, product guides and information sharing. The impact of hi-level western graphic design has proved to be a primary factor in the success of Akasa.

Akasa's famous blue and yellow style was instantly recognised. The slogan “cool it with colour” was introduced in 2002 and was inextricably linked to Akasa products. In June 2006, Akasa announced a major corporate re-branding, part of a strategic move to reposition the company to meet the increasing demand for technology products from mainstream computer markets. Boundaries between home and office, enthusiast and mainstream-user are dissolving, and many opportunities have arisen for our brand of innovative, design-led products.

Their mentality to the hardware they produce is summarised below:
“We believe in style and substance. Product quality is the first principle, we do not compromise Akasa products. We realised several years ago that the industry was no longer prepared to use cheap, low quality PC components. Saving a few pennies now, inevitably costs much more in the medium term, we have proved time and time again, that what our customers want, is, good quality product, a reasonable price and intelligent technical support. It is our policy to support our customers in every way and provide a superb level of service based on personal communication.”

Akasa has been around for a while and in the PSU game since we reviewed the Akasa pax power 460W which was a high end PSU back then, since then they have released some solid performers and for the right price too. Now we look at there latest offering the Akasa PowerMax 1000w PSU, will it perform as well as its predecessors, only one way to find out so let us get on with the review.

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