Posted on: 07.08.2008 01:00:00

The IP35P continues Abit’s IP35 box theme of monster trucks, with this particular model supporting a green hued box. There is a big orange circle thing that proudly declares this motherboard as being an overspeed edition and supports DDR2 1066, hopefully this will mean good things for this board in overclocking.

The front side of the box just has the same basic info on as the top of the box, so even if the box is stacked flat in a shop you can see the main things this board supports. The right hand side of the box also has these specifications on.

The back of the box shows you in detail what the board supports and its main features. If you have come across this board for the first time in a shop, this wouldn’t be a bad place to start learning about what it can do/supports.

Upon opening the box you find a cardboard shelf securing and covering the motherboard which is underneath it, the instruction manual and accessories are on a recess to the left side.

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