abit AX78 AM2+ 770 chipset Mobo
Posted on: 30.06.2008 01:00:00

Before I talk about the product, here is some background info about abit, as taken from their website.

“As a leader in motherboards, Universal abit is consistently creating new industry standards. Our core strength of research and development allows us to set hardware trends that encompass the entire motherboard business. Universal abit's venerable SoftMenu™ created the jumperless standard, and transformed the industry. Technologies like OTES™ set new standards in not only superior cooling, but also low noise output. Universal abit's µGuru™ technology with BlackBox™ integrated e-service changed the kind of service people expect from a motherboard company.

Through superior design, Universal abit has not only achieved numerous industry design awards, but has also been chosen as a rotating design partner for both AMD and Intel, an honour bestowed upon only a select few in the industry. With our unyielding commitment to R&D excellence, both Intel and AMD choose Universal abit for partnership.

Our strength in R&D allows us to include exclusive Universal abit Engineered features on our products – features that deliver unparalleled convenience, performance, and value for the discerning computer enthusiast. And because complicated technology doesn't have to be complicated, Universal abit strives to make advanced applications as transparent and easy-to-use as possible. Universal abit's µGuru™ technology makes overclocking, BIOS flashing, and e-service as easy as a few mouse clicks.

By continuously fostering a spirit of innovation, Universal abit will remain the company that sets the trends for others to follow.”

For this review I will be taking a look at one of the new motherboards Abit are offering, the AX78 Phenom compatible motherboard, which I think is fair to say is aimed more towards the budget end of the market.

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