abit AW8-D Max 975x socket 775 mobo
Posted on: 18.07.2006 01:00:00

Test Bed Specs

Main board

ABIT AW8 - D  

Supplied by ABIT 

GFX Card

Leadtek 7800GTX extreme 

Supplied by Leadtek

Sound map


Supplied by Creative 

CPU Cooling

WaterChill KT12A-L30  

Supplied by Asetek  

Main memory

Kingston HyperX PC2 8000 2 gig kit

Supplied by Kingston 

Non removable disks

2x Seagate 160-GB Sata 

Supplied by Seagate

2x 250-GB Maxtor

removable disks


DVD burner

Pioneer 16x speed D/L 


Silverstone TJ07

Supplied by Silverstone


Akasa AK650FPH Q 

Supplied by Akasa

Overclocking on this board was a treat and I was able to get the CPU and FSB up from 3.0/200 to 3.7/250 FSB via the software straight away. This was easy as the software makes changing the voltages and the FSB a piece of p**s er cake. Here before I bench the board on a few simple tests here is some info on the clocks achieved on a lowly P4 3.0 on this board.

This was the default clock I had set up in the bios, with the uGuru soft I am able to push the system via windows, if I go to far the system will simply hang, then reboot at the default setting. Which means no opening up the case to reset that bios jumper.

I could actually hit 260 as well np (don’t forget the P4 530 is multiplier locked in all motherboards) but the best performance was found and some very impressive results were found.

Running at 260 it was stable but did not give the best performance results.

As you can see I had no problem hitting the 1000mhz mark on the ram thanks to the PC8000 ddr2 from Kingston, this stopped there being a limit on the overclock of the CPU.

Bellow are a few results from benches that I ran


As you can see from the screen shot above, the AW8-D (result in bold)  and the AW8 max have both enabled me to get this CPU to return higher benches than the standard P4EE on memory tests and CPU.



As you can see from the tests the board had no problems reaching the 250/260 mark and then I believe that was only because of a locked multiplier. I am happy that abit have not ruined the AW8 name (one board that set the standard in my eyes) and the newest version based on the 975x chipset the AW8-D does not disappoint. Yes there is no core 2 (conroe) support, but for those looking to upgrade there existing motherboard I would give this a look.

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