abit AW8-D Max 975x socket 775 mobo
Posted on: 18.07.2006 01:00:00

Abit were founded in 1989 and by 1991 was the fastest growing motherboard manufacturer in the world with sales exceeding $10,000,000. Over the next 15 years the company went from strength to strength opening new factories in Taiwan and China winning numerous design awards and were the first manufacturer to offer “jumper less” technology with their Softmenu system. Having had some trouble last year they have recovered in full swing. This was a relief for most of the enthusiast as abit have always been at the forefront with there new ideas. A while back they introduced the uGuru chip an overclocking system separate from the bios but integrated to it, this was and excellent idea put in to practice and is still one of the least resources using when used via windows.

Now a while ago I reviewed the AW8 max 3rd eye, this was a 955x based chipset that offered a good set of features. Today I will be looking at the follow on to that board the AW8D-max, a board based on the Intel 975x chipset which offers the extra capability of 2x graphics slots.. (Which are only crossfire compatible because Nvidia want to corner the market and force those of you that want SLi to get a Nvidia chipset board) as us British say they want to have there cake and eat it at not give crumbs to any one. Any way enough of the rant at nVIDIA let us get on and see what this board is like and if it is an improvement over it’s older brother or if will fall flat on its face.

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