Abit AN8-Ultra Socket 939 Motherboard
Posted on: 30.12.2005 01:00:00

First the setup:


Athlon 64 3000+ Winchester (1.8GHz)


Abit AN8 Ultra (Bios V1.6)

GFX Card

X300 256MB


Realtek ALC850

CPU Cooler

Tuniq Tower 120

Main Memory

2 x 512 MB Corsair XMS PC4000

Non-removeable Disks

1 x 80GB Western Digital SE, 1 x 120GB Maxtor SATA

Removeable Disks

7-in-1 USB Flash drive

Optical Drives

NEC x16 dual-layer DVD-RW


PC-Case Nitro AX


Vantec Stealth 520W

I spent some time sorting out some problems with the bios, updating to V1.6, and then finding out that he RAS Precharge was being set to 2 instead of 4 with ‘By SPD’ on.  After I corrected that I managed to start overclocking.

My RAM went straight up to 300MHz with 3V at 1T at 3-4-4-15.  I am very happy with this result, it is the best this RAM has ever done.

Next I set the CPU and RAM to some lower settings – As you can see I soon needed to drop the CPU multiplier and HTT multiplier (which was at x3).  This is the fastest the CPU has been stable at.

By reducing the HTT and CPU multipliers further I was able to reach a stable FSB of 351.  360 was benchable, and 370 wouldn’t go anywhere.  This is also with stock voltages on HTT and Chipset.

As you can see, this motherboard will let you do pretty much anything you could want from your FSB/HTT.  Of course without better RAM and CPU, it is hard to judge what it is possible to achieve with RAM timings, however I have not had any problems with 1T command rates at high speeds, which is promising.

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