Abit AN8-Ultra Socket 939 Motherboard
Posted on: 30.12.2005 01:00:00

There are only a few quality motherboard manufacturers around.  There are some well known names that get it right sometimes and get it wrong others.  Then there are some which are know for always releasing some of the best boards around, Abit are definitely in this short list. 

However in the last couple of years, one of the chief engineers at Abit’s motherboard design centre moved to another manufacturer, and since then Abit has been lagging in the top end of motherboards.  That is no longer true.

Abit now have some top end motherboards, the Fatal1ty series, as well as some good quality mid-high end overclocking boards available for skt939, the AN8 series.  Today I am looking at the Abit AN8-Ultra, the latest ‘mid-range’ enthusiast board with the Nvidia Nforce 4 Ultra chipset.

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