Posted on: 25.10.2006 01:00:00

Adata have a cracking set of RAM here.  It’s blistering fast, looks good and performs without a hiccup.  The Red heatspreaders look nice and do their job well – at 2.2V these are running a little higher voltage (and therefore a little hotter) than standard modules.  With good overclocking results, the only real disappointment from these modules is that they are 512MB each instead of 1GB each – but Adata do have a 2GB kit. 

I just could not recommend any gaming enthusiast to buy a 1GB kit today, no matter how fast, as there are some games out there today that just need the extra gigabyte to perform well at all! 

The name says it all really, if you are looking for a high performance set of 1GB DDR2 Modules to run at insane speeds, look no further than AData’s Xtreme Edition 1GB PC8000 DDR2 RAM set.

• Great performance
• Heatspreaders
• Micron D9 chips mean decent Overclocking ability

• 1GB kit not recommended for gamers

Reviewed by Rack

Thanks to Adata for supplying the kit for review

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