Posted on: 25.10.2006 01:00:00

This RAM is the 512MB/dimm PC8000, meaning it will run at 1000MHz DDR at Cas 5.  A full set of timings for each speed setting is detailed on the other side:

At 667MHz can run at 4-4-4-8 timings.
At 800MHz can run at 4-4-4-12 timings
At 1000MHz can run at 5-5-5-15 timings.

The only other information needed is the voltage requirements.  On the A-Data website 2.2V is recommended for proper operation.   This raises a concern:  on some newer 965 intel boards for Core-2-Duo the default voltage for RAM is 1.8V, as it should be for DDR2.  However some DDR2 RAM is a bit power hungry at default settings and won’t boot.  I can confirm that on the Gigabyte DS3 board I am using that I had issues with OCZ Gold Edition PC6400, which requires 2.0V – a newer bios revision sorted the problem out.   I will make sure this AData Xtreme Edition boots from a default bios settings too.

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