Thermaltake Massive23 GT
Posted on: 05.04.2012 10:51:32

The cooling performance is staggering and deserves to be called nothing less than phenomenal, however, the Massive23 GT has some failings.

The hollow construction missing the back plates makes some parts of the cooler flimsy; most notable for this is the base plate that can be warped very easily with minimal force applied by one hand.

The troughs that the metal riser bar keys in to when in any of the raised positions can be easily dislodged by a sharp knock so or sudden move, so beware when moving the cooler with a device on whilst in a raised position

The Massive23 GT is designed to be used on a flat surface so you are somewhat tied to a desk or other available flat surface, use on knees or other unstable surface is not recommended and due to the aforementioned ease of warping of the base plate is virtually impossible

The construction of the top plate, being primarily a 60% flow perforated mesh severely hampers the airflow and generates a surprising amount of noise although it does need noting that the noise is no more than an average high RPM 120mm fan but is considerably noisier than other 200mm fans, on the flip side of the mesh air restriction issue is that despite this huge hindrance this cooler really delivers cooling by the bucket full. If a revision of the mesh was made to give better air flow I could very realistically see a temp reduction of maybe as high as 40% on our test laptop

Despite the numerous failings of the Massive23 GT this cooler really performs in terms of delivering cooling to any device with a free USB port. Thermaltake’s site shows the Massive23 GT being used with a tablet device, however very few tablets on the market have a full sized USB port to power the coolers fans so you are limited in terms of compatible devices to tablets with docking stations, notebooks, netbooks, classic laptops and netbooks, but that I still a great array of devices you can cool

If you plan to keep this on a desk or table then this is the device for you, you will be delighted with the cooling performance and ease of use not to mention the secure feet and lift up back stop flaps to perfectly secure your device

If you are more of an “always on the move” type of end user this is certainly not for you, the flimsy base plate and lack of contouring for use on knees or uneven surfaces is sufficient to render the Massive23 Gt useless in these situations

Taking all these points in to account the plus marks IE cooling power and flat surface stability save this product from a bronze award, the sheer performance of the cooling combined with the striking looks and very reasonable price provide me with plenty of justification in awarding the Thermaltake Massive23 GT notebook cooler a Silver award.




Reality Check:  As a final thought it needs to be said that if Thermaltake revise the design, increasing airflow (reducing noise as a by-product) and adding cover plates on the underside to both cover the unsightly voids in the frame and strengthen the structure as a whole this would be a truly epic product and certainly a must have

Reviewed by Toby K

Thank you to Thermaltake for providing the Massive23 GT Notebook cooler for review

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