Thermaltake Massive23 GT
Posted on: 05.04.2012 10:51:32

Instillation of the cooler is of course a no brainer in terms of complexity; it really is just two/three simple steps

Flat position –

Place laptop or device on the cooler, plug in the provided USB cable to any free USB port on the devise you have placed on the cooler to provide power to the cooler

Raised position –

Flip open the two back stops on the front of the main deck as these will prevent your device form slipping no matter the position you choose to raise the cooler up to. Place your device on top and once again plug in the supplied USB cable in to any free USB port to provide power to the fan

For the cooling performance I really wanted to give this a challenge. So for an afternoon I deprived my children of their famously hot running laptop, if anything is going to test this cooler this now ageing Samsung laptop will do it

Temperatures are recorded at delta values, you can find out more about delta temperature methodology HERE

The numbers are quite high (a reflection of the high start temperature), but that is not the focus here, the focus and the astounding fact displayed is the huge reduction in temperature achieved, from a no cooler load temp of close to 90c to a full running cooler temperature of just under 60c is a huge reduction of very near 33% of the total. A performance far above what I expected and an extremely satisfying result

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