Thermaltake Massive23 GT
Posted on: 05.04.2012 10:51:32

Rugged chunky looks prevail on the main face of the Massive23 GT,  the entire main body is made from abs plastic with the only metal in the construction being the riser stand and top deck fan grill. If it was not for the TT logo on the front one could easily believe that this was an ASUS ROG product as it has a lot in common in both chunky form and colour scheme. Also evident are the 2 flip p panels that can be raised as end stops to prevent a laptop or device slipping off the cooler when in the raised position.

The rear is relatively plain with the only added item of note being a rotary volume style fan speed controller, the slight difference being that on most rotary resistors of this type volume/speed is increased left  to right, whereas on the Massive23 GT this works right to left

The right side houses the micro USB, power switch and 2 USB2.0 posts, the micro USB providing power to the USB ports and fan so there is a potential for some USB low power issues here. The line of deck separation can also be seen here running to the side of the USB ports

The left side is free of ports and is very plain. Although from this side it is very easy to see the slight contour in the mesh of the top deck’s fan cover

The underside is a completely different story to the rest of the design, gone are the rugged chunky looks, Sadly Thermal take have not included any cover plates in the design to cover the hollows in the frame leaving the underside looking almost unfinished or partially disassembled. Four rubber feet provide the non-slip element when used on a flat surface but the lack of contouring proves probative towards using this cooler in your knees when say without a desk

When in the raised position (max elevation depicted above) the single thick steel bar keys in to one of several sets of troughs in the base plate to provide a secure raised position

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