Arctic Accelero XTREME Plus II VGA cooler
Posted on: 24.01.2012 12:25:24

About Arctic (taken from Arctic’s website; for more, click here)

As an internationally active company, ARCTIC’s expertise ranges from noise suppression for PCs, audio, peripheral equipment and power supplies, right through to entertainment products. ARCTIC is the umbrella brand for the COOLING, SOUND, EQUIPMENT, POWER, HOBBY and Living product ranges.

Our Philosophy

In the rapidly changing computer and electronics industries, we keep a cool head while concentrating on intelligent and practical solutions.

Our philosophy in approaching our work is based on the Swiss principles of innovation and high levels of quality and workmanship.

All ARCTIC employees embody our motto and our advertising slogan - Spirit of innovation. Not only economic considerations dictate our actions, but also the will to innovate.

We respect the cultural diversity of the people who work for and with ARCTIC, and recognize that our success is due to their abilities and commitment. The ARCTIC team works with passion, adores challenges and always seeks to achieve maximum customer satisfaction.

Our Mission

We specialize in products representing carefully devised, practical solutions that are easy to use. We make our customers’ daily lives easier and adapt our products to their lifestyles. The excellent value for money we offer is a constant that our customers can always rely on.

Accelero XTREME Plus II

Today I will be reviewing the Arctic Accelero XTREME Plus II. This is a Graphics Card heatsink-cooler designed to cool even the hottest of cards – including my own Inno3D GTX580 OC, whilst remaining reasonably quiet.

With regard to Arctic, I have high expectations; personally I’ve owned a number of their products over my years in computers, from the Arctic Cooling Freezer 7 Pro – a low price but high performing CPU cooler to the Accelero S1 Rev. 2 – a low price GPU cooler, yet again with high performance.

However, one thing I have noted is the sudden lack of “cooling” in the Arctic name – does this mean they’ve abandoned their focus on cooling products and moved elsewhere – e.g. to the Arctic Sound P531 headset I recently reviewed, which I must say outperformed my expectations. I guess testing will have to prove this either way.

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