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Posted on: 15.09.2011 11:57:35


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With Driving Simulators and games becoming more and more popular, we at XtremeComputing thought there is no time than the present than to start looking at products relating to the racing world, before we started out this process I thought It would be best to start of looking at these sort of products with a review of a steering wheel support stand.

The reason, well for too long I have had my Porsche 911 turbo wheel and constantly getting in and out of storage as been a pain in the rear, so much so, it has limited my time spent playing iRacing, sims, or Racing games.

The problem though is with most support stands are fixed and leave you with a space dilemma, this is where the wheel stand pro comes in, claiming to offer a good option for support of a wheel as well as being able to aid with the storage side of things. Is this an answer to your driving game needs?

Well before we find out, let us give you a bit of info on Wheel Stand Pro taken from their website.

“We are a six year old company involved mainly in the recovery of power hydraulic parts found in construction vehicles like bulldozers, excavators etc.

Quite a few of us also enjoy gaming so, since we have the skills and experience to work metal, we came up with an innovative product which can be made at our factory.

All of our products have been designed and manufactured in Poland.”

Yes you have read that correctly, the wheel stand pro company is a six year old company that recovers hydraulic parts, so with a good engineering background, this product should be good, only time will really tell though, so let us get on with the review.

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