Zotac ZBOX AD02 Plus
Posted on: 05.09.2011 10:02:26

Opening the box reveals a well packaged device, inside the box as well as the device itself, we have the power brick, vertical stand and the larger stand.


The larger stand is a dual purpose one really and can be used for mounting the Zbox AD02 to the wall, or the back of a Vesa enabled monitor, which is appealing as it offers you the opportunity to have a proper stealth pc. I think it is a great option and a bonus that it is included in the box.


Here is the ZOTAC ZBOX AD02 on its stand, as you can see the product has a small footprint already, the finish is also nice with a contrasting gloss black with a silver centre, it has a nice style to it, although I think it would look even better if it had the same finish all over the product, say gloss black. That though is not a fault but rather a preference, but I do have to say it still looks good.


Here we have the front of the AD02 as you can see from the picture it is indeed very small, the front houses the mic and headphone jack, one USB 2.0 port, HDD and Power LED’s, power switch and last but not least a 6-in-1 (SD/SDHC/MMC/MS/MS Pro/xD) card reader.


To the rear of the device it does not slouch on connection options either, going from left to right we have eSata, 2 USB 3.0 ports, 1GB Ethernet port, 2 USB 2.0 ports, DVI connection, HDMI connection, optical out and the power connector. My thoughts upon seeing these connections when removing the product from the box were pretty impressed for such a small box to have all these options, there is even another USB 2.0 connector on the top of the box.


The base of the AD02 is pretty simple with a locking mechanism for the stand as well as the screws to open the ZBOX.


Here is the AD02 sitting in the wall/Vesa mount as you can see it is held firmly in place, but a simple push of the top part for the stand enables you to release it from the stands grip.


Overall the product looks pretty impressive with all the connection options, but that’s not going to cut it alone will it? What will cut it, is how it performs as an everyday computer for the avg to moderate user and that’s where the testing comes in, so let us move on and see how it performs through some benches shall we.

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