Project BMW MPower level 10 PC a Mod project
Posted on: 07.07.2011 05:32:53

Overall I am estatic about the result and proud of the final outcome and I absolutly love it, Although as you know my attention to detail with colour coding the cables was a bit OCD, if its not then doing this defo makes me more OCD.

Yep that is right, using Lamptron Elite hose clamps and some Bitspower connectors I took the M power theme to another level.

All in all this mod was a rewarding experiance and I have to say (yet again Doh!) I love the outcome, if you do to, you may want to check out the full work log at any one of these forums listed bellow.

Bit tech

TBCS Comunity Forums

Mod Brothers

Modders Inc



These forums have the work log and the build proccess right from the first post in September 2010. I hope you all enjoyed the mod and pay the forums above a visit.

A BIG BIG Thank you again to the sponsors of this mod, without your cooperation, this great looking rig would have never been done.

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