Project BMW MPower level 10 PC a Mod project
Posted on: 07.07.2011 05:32:53

The case spray work was hard, as you can imagine, first off taking the level 10 apart was no easy feat, anyway here is how it looks.



Overall I like the way it has ended up looking at prefer my reworked logo placement to the original concept, so onto the installation we go, this was not a walk in the park as I had decided I wanted the whole loop on the removable motherboard tray. Yes you are reading this right, I wanted to actually get the 2 rads, pump as res all mounted to the tray, so that I could remove it still just by unplugging a few cables.


My first task was cutting down an alphacool Pump rad mount to make the actual radiator mount, once this was done this was sprayed, lacquered and mounted with the front radiator to the motherboard tray.

The next thing to be mounted to the motherboard tray was the superb (I am so small I would fit into any case) tecnofront reservoir


You can see how compact this resivour is and the reason I chose it, it also is mounted in an ideal location, so that I only have to open the DVD rom cage to access it. Moving on, it was time to do a moch plumb in for all the watercooling.


Time to start setting up the case with all the goodies inside and the replacement cables from BitFenix.


Yep thats right some colour coding, just too add a little touch, now I had to make the windows that were going to replace the metal plates.

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