Project BMW MPower level 10 PC a Mod project
Posted on: 07.07.2011 05:32:53

Well to start off, let me first send a massive thank you out to the sponsors, without you this awesome mod would have not been created.



Onto the Mod, well let me tell you, it all started one day when I spotted the thermaltake level 10 case sitting at show, I thought wow that looks very unique. I had been planning for a little while to do a car themed mod and with the level 10 being designed by one of BMW’s design houses, I thought now was a good a time as any to actually do a BMW 3 series Mpower theme, so the concept was born. Now bear in mind this concept started way back last year.

Here is what I mocked up on Sketchup first


And some photoshoping of the keyboard and mouse


And finally the graphics card


So the plan was born, here are the specs of the rig



Now we have the specs done, let us take a look at the products given that painting touch before the case

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