Thermaltake Chaser Gaming Case
Posted on: 06.07.2011 02:57:32

Thermaltake has a reputation for building good-quality cases with attractive styling. Today I reviewed the Chaser MK-I, and found it lived up to the Thermaltake brand name. This case is really good – it has high build quality, a well-thought out configuration and plenty of cable-routing options. The styling won’t be to everyone’s tastes – it is not discreet. However, personally I love the styling and have found the case so appealing and practical that I am now using it to replace my ageing InWin Maelstrom which I’ve been using for 18months with my review rig.



Reality Check: If you’re in the market for an enthusiast-focused case with futuristic looks, the Chaser MK-I is a brilliant choice, hell – I went for it!

Reviewed by Snubbsy

Thanks to Thermaltake for supplying the product for review

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