Thermaltake Chaser Gaming Case
Posted on: 06.07.2011 02:57:32

So, here we have it, the Thermaltake Chaser MK-I. From the front it looks very “Transformer-y”. I could imagine it might (on boot) announce that it is time to attack the Decepticons...


Thermaltake has gone for a through-and-through black theme with blue highlights. As can be seen here, the blue highlights extend to the 5.25” drive-bay blankers, and the HDD tool-free bays.


From the side we see that the Chaser MK-I features a window and a large (200mm) fan mount. Additionally, that clip in the top right-hand corner is a fold-down headset mount.


The other side of the Chaser MK-I features pressed “Transformer-y” looks. It’s just a side-panel but it looks awesome.


Here we can see the top/roof of the case. The top is easily removable to reveal 2 x 200mm fan spaces (with 1 200mm fan installed). These fan-mounts also feature the screw-holes for 120mm and 140mm fans. Additionally, 2x120mm rad-mount holes are present.


Here we have the bottom (left) and rear (right) of the Chaser MK-I. The bottom is quite straight forward, one notable point is the removable fan-filter. The rear again is straight forward, but it is worth noting the pre-made hole for watercooling (at the top-right). Interestingly, there are only 3 holes rather than 4. However, this is not of concern, since generally you only need to route 2 tubes out of the case if any for most WC setups.


Inside the case we can see it is quite spacious with plenty of room for cable management.


Here we can see the tool-less HDD bays. They are quite simplistic and very easy to use.


From the other side we can see that massive CPU-mount access hole. This is ideal if you regularly reinstall or upgrade your CPU heatsinks/waterblocks. Additionally, you can more clearly see all the cable-routing holes.

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