Larkooler KU3-241 WaterCooling Kit
Posted on: 30.06.2011 02:42:50

First up we have the CPU waterblock and its boxing. The waterblock arrives in a well padded cardboard box, coupled with a number of accessories.


Inside the box we have; instruction booklet, various fitting plates, the backplate, the waterblock, some barbs, hose clamps and thermal paste.


And here is the waterblock itself. It arrives with a protective film on the base of the unit to prevent scratches during transportation and test fitting.


From the top, the waterblock looks quite “shiney”. The design is very nice using a combination of glossy silver and matt black. The block itself is all copper (according to the design specifications) I assume it is coated/plated in nickel or alike to give it that shiney finish.

And here is a final shot of the waterblock, without the barbs fitted.

Now onto the radiator. It comes in a cardboard box along with a number of other bits and bobs. This box too is protected with a fair bit of foam.


Inside the box we have a rear mount for the rad, 2x120mm fans, a desk mount for the rad, 2 barbs, 2 hose clips, numerous screws, instruction booklet and the rad itself.


Talking of the radiator itself, isn’t she a beauty! I quite like the styling of this one, it has a very good “well-built” feel to it, and the paintwork on it is really nice.


And here is a pic of the radiator, fans etc setup ready to go. I quite like the white on black colour scheme the fans add to this cooler. Additionally, I appreciate that Larkooler has gone for minimal branding, and only put its name on one quarter of the side (as seen here) and other side too. It’s very unobtrusive.


Next up is the pump and reservoir.


Inside the box we have an installation booklet, the pump &reservoir, a foam Velcro pad (to stick the pump anywhere in your case), barbs, hose clips and a barb removal/install tool. The pump and res come pre-attached; however it is possible to remove them by unscrewing the connector between them.


Now onto the accessory items, first up we have the coolant, funnel and tubing. The kit comes with 2 meters of clear see-through tubing. The coolant is blue in colour.

Inside another box, we have the drive-bay mounting for the pump+res;


Here it is; it comes unassembled, but doesn’t take long to put together.


Finally we come to the compression fittings. They have a good feel to them, and the barb removal tool supplied with the other items (you get three of them in total!) works with these too.


And here is a shot with all the kit assembled (minus tubing).


Now that we’ve looked at the kit in detail, let’s see how it competes in benchmarking.

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