AC Ryan PlayOn!HD2 Media Player
Posted on: 19.06.2011 02:29:01

Today I will be taking a look a product from the AC Ryan brand, The PlayOn HD2 1TB, the updated version of the already popular PlayOn HD. These media devices should play just about every file format that you would use and do it well, so let us get on with the review and find out if it does what it says on the box shall we.

Before moving onto the PlayOn HD2 here is some background on AC Ryan the company, taken from their website.

"AC Ryan is a unique Global Brand that has managed to retain the drive and passion that are the essential ingredients in the development of innovative, award winning products, products that consumers can t do without!

From our start in 1992, AC Ryan has grown to become a leading International CE manufacturer with 7 offices spread across Europe, Asia and the US. Our company HQ is based in the Netherlands, where the products are conceptualized and sold in over 30 countries. Our company ethos is to develop products that are innovative, have superior functionality and respond directly to consumers needs.

Mission statement

AC Ryan is a global group of dedicated, intuitive individuals, committed to enhancing lives with innovative, cutting edge and relevant consumer electronics.

Vision Statement

To be the number 1 manufacturer of Digital lifestyle enhancement products globally. To be the No.1 employer of dedicated, out of the box thinkers, inspired by revolutionizing peoples interaction with digital entertainment and achieving 100% customer satisfaction.


Inspiring people, Inspiring technology.


Conceptualizing, engineering and delivering marketing leading, cutting edge, user friendly digital entertainment hardware and software.


The best products developed and delivered by the best people.


Whether it be our products or service, we exist to enhance our consumers utilisation of and experience with digital entertainment.

Our current product focus is on Full HD network media players and recorders. Our Playon! and FLUXX series integrate and express user content in a digital experience like no other"

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