Sharkoon Universal X-TATIC SP Headset
Posted on: 02.06.2011 03:24:08

The Sharkoon headquarters is located in Germany, and in order to cultivate close contacts with suppliers in Asia, they also have a foreign office in Taiwan. From a worldwide distribution network spanning more than 30 countries, we offer customers a portfolio of unrivalled products for all areas of the PC. Moreover, there selection of products is constantly developing and reaches the broadest possible group of customers. Since its inception in 2002, Sharkoon has shown consistent growth and set itself apart through steadily increasing sales.

Their goal is the continued growth and expansion of their expertise, to be demonstrated in the establishment and development of successful and sustainable business relationships with their customers and partners. Some of their biggest strengths are their flexibility and rapid response capabilities and the ability to react to future market and technology trends.

They offer customers a comprehensive range of PC components. They strive to always offer unique and unrivalled products.

Today in this review I’ll be taking a look at a really interesting set of Gaming headgear and by this I mean a headset that can be used with across three different gaming platforms called the X-TATIC SP. Sharkoon have came up with this unique headset knowing that the gaming market is ever growing, so they have created a headset that can be used with all the gaming machines out there, PC, Playstation 3 and the XBOX, simple but ingenious.   

So let’s put them to the test and see if they can really produce the same experience I’m used to using a traditional headset.

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