Axle GT430 Classic
Posted on: 17.05.2011 04:08:15

Overall, this card has proved quite disappointing. Not only does it fail on both low-noise accounts, but additionally it is unable to compete with competition in the form of a Inno3D GT 430, which is clocked identically. I can only assume this is due to poor PCB design by Axle3D. However, if this card is priced below the Inno3D GT430, then this card could be a good choice for a media-PC which occasionally will be used to play PC games at low to medium settings. Additionally, given that it is a Fermi core, it should prove good at folding@home and similar applications.

I hope the poor noise and performance is owing to axle being new to the market, As my editor did point out to me Zotac were once new and there first cards did not even have Zotac logo anywhere on the card and were stock reference, I know this has no relevance on this review, but I thought that I should point it out.

I also hope in the future I get to test one of the better models Axle make and see if it was just a case of just  a company getting started.



Reality Check: This is a budget card, and it provides budget performance. Personally, I would spend a bit more and get a GTS450 or GTX460.

Review by snubbsy

Thanks to Axle3D for supplying the card for review

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