Axle GT430 Classic
Posted on: 17.05.2011 04:08:15

About Axle3D (taken from

Axle Int'l Holding Ltd.

NV VGA Card Manufacturer
AXLE International Holding Limited being NV Card Manufacturer, insist to provide the best to its customers, not only for the products but also the service. The only belief is quality maintains the survival of the company.

Established in 1988, over 20 years grew and developed under keen competition, AXLE found it's own way ~ service & quality. Today, we have our factory with over 600 workforce in Mainland China with capacity of 190k per month.

Headquarter in Hong Kong, sales offices in Germany, Dubai and China, AXLE products are distributed all over the world, such as in Asia, Middle East, Russia, Eastern and Western Europe. Sales turnover exceeds US$45 million in the past financial year. Since 2000, AXLE became one of the biggest NV Card manufacturer in Asia Pacific region. This provides the most accurate information and cost advantage to AXLE.

Until now I had not heard of Axle3D, however today I will be testing their GT 430 Classic. Previously I have tested Inno3D’s GT 430, so it will be interesting to see how the two compare.

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